Feldenkrais: Walking With The Whole Body

With Leona Ricklin, LMT, Guild Certified Feldenkrais¨ Practitioner


Walking is a whole body activity. Shoulders, hips, eyes and head should participate, as well as legs. The different parts of our bodies are interconnected, and they affect one another. In these lessons you will learn to use the sensations of your own body to recognize any misalignment of your arms, shoulders, back and hips, and to improve the connections between them. Not only will walking become easier, lighter, more graceful and efficient, but you will notice improvement in other activities such as sitting, stranding and running.

The free demonstration class on March 19 will introduce you to a typical¨class and answer your questions about Feldenkrais. An eight week class begins on March 26.

Free Demo Class: Tuesday March 19,2002, 6-7 pm

Course: Tuesdays March 26 - May 13, 6-7 PM (8 weeks) $96

Place: Amethyst Point, 232 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 01609

Registration Information: 508 363-1306